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What to Do With Junk Cars in Montréal

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Owning a car in Montréal is not easy. If it’s not being hammered by six months of ice, snow, and the worst that winter has to offer, it’s (unsuccessfully) dodging cracks and potholes on the streets that resemble the rocky and uneven surface of Mars. It’s no surprise that after years of punishing abuse, many cars in Montréal are damaged beyond repair, finding their final resting places in garages, backyards, and driveways all over the city and its immediate suburbs. Rather than keep your battered clunker collecting dust around your home, why not sell it and make both space and a profit? For the experts in buying junk cars in Montréal, look no further than the team at Auto Scrap.

Make Space & Money, Quick & Easy!

Space may be the final frontier, but it doesn’t look as infinite in your garage as it does in your telescope. And what better way to make more room in your garage for things like telescopes, power tools, or literally anything else than by selling your old, non-functioning car for scrap? After all, the car’s probably been sitting there for years and would serve a better purpose as a source of steel, rubber, and parts (and cash) than as a dusty eyesore. Call Auto Scrap today to remove your junk cars in Montréal in a simple, efficient, and profitable way!

junk yard montreal how to scrap a car

How to Get Rid of Junk Cars in Montréal with Auto Scrap

Unloading that old jalopy has never been easier than with the courteous and efficient staff at Auto Scrap.

To begin the process, simply call Auto Scrap, where a customer service representative will interview you regarding the details of your car. To expedite the interview, it’s advisable to provide relevant information about your cars, such as the make, model, year of production, list of repairs, and any other details that will help our representative more accurately appraise the price of your car.

Once you have received and accepted your quote, you can then book a pick-up date. Auto Scrap’s commitment to customer service is so extensive, that we will send a team to pick up your old junk cars in Montréal and its suburbs free of charge, and with no hidden transportation fees.

As soon as the date is booked, you can remove any keepsakes or valuables from your car, as once it is picked up, it will be impossible to search for those items again. On the day of pick-up, our representatives will pay you, in cash, for your junk car.

There’s never been a quicker, more efficient, or profitable way to eliminate junk cars in Montréal than with Auto Scrap!

Don’t wait another second. Contact Auto Scrap to book an appointment and pocket your well-deserved money today!

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