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Go Green, Become an Auto Recycler

In February of 2022, the United Nations released its most stark report on climate change to date. The document warned of dire consequences if governments, industries, and ordinary citizens do not immediately and assiduously work to lessen the detrimental impact their actions have on our environment. In response to similar such reports, countries the world over, in concert with the automobile industry, have taken steps to limit their carbon footprint to varying degrees, from developing and producing electric cars to introducing carbon taxes. Although more needs to be done to truly make the automobile industry completely green, one way the layman can contribute to an environmentally safe future is to become an auto recycler. In this way, car owners can sell their junk car(s) for their materials rather than their parts, allowing substances like steel, glass and rubber to be melted down and reutilized, rather than take up space in a landfill, garage, or on a shelf.

auto recycler eco friendly

Becoming an Auto Recycler vs. an Auto Salvager

Selling your junk car for salvage or recycling sounds like the exact same thing to a layman, but there are marked differences.

Firstly, selling a car for salvage means the car will be stripped and taken apart for reuse, with parts like engines, transmissions, and catalytic converters sold separately, provided they are in good condition or can be modified. This is in marked contrast to selling a car to an auto recycler, who will process the car for its base materials, the intent of which is to melt down and use in the construction of other products and items. As a small example, everything from aluminum cans to shopping carts can be made from the metal of recycled cars.

Secondly, although the difference between salvaging or recycling a car seems negligible, there are more environmental benefits to doing the latter rather than the former:

  1. more conscientious care is taken in the safe removal, disposal, and potential reuse of hazardous fluids, such as engine oil, coolant, and brake fluids,

  1. less space is taken on junk car lots and in landfills by recycling, and

  1. recycling metal from junk cars reduces the need for mining, saving energy and resources.

Auto Scrap: Your Trusted Auto Recycler

Helping out the environment by clearing it of junk cars that are taking up much-needed space and processing their valuable materials for other industries forms the cornerstone of Auto Scrap’s business model. For our customers, the environmental rewards are not the only benefits of selling your car to an auto recycler: you’ll be paid handsomely for your junk car, and at a competitive rate we guarantee will outshine any other auto recyclers in the business.

A simple phone call to an Auto Scrap representative will initiate the process. Following a quick interview to ascertain the details of your car, a quote will be issued. Once you accept, Auto Scrap will set a date to pick up your junk car free of charge, and pay you, in cash, that very same day.

Go green in two ways- by helping the environment and putting cash in your pocket - by calling Auto Scrap to get rid of your junk car today!

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