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Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Help! Looking for a Vehicle Removal Service Near Me

Sooner or later, it will happen to every car owner: the complete and total breakdown of their vehicle. Left with a two-ton paperweight crowding their garage or driveway, the desperate question, "is there a vehicle removal service near me that can remove this scrap car quickly and efficiently," will be asked prolifically until the vehicle in question is finally towed away.

Auto Scrap prides itself on being able to tow any vehicle from any place in a way that is fast and efficient and will put money in your pocket as well!

vehicle removal service near me canada
vehicle removal service near me canada

The Reasons for Removing your Car from your Property

For many car owners, the idea of selling a car to a scrap yard is only justified if the vehicle is totaled or completely unable to run. Although those are two excellent reasons to start looking for a vehicle removal service near you, they definitely aren't the only ones. Here are some other valid reasons to consider removing your old car from your premises:

  1. Expensive Maintenance and Repairs: If you find yourself at the garage frequently for adjustments and repairs that are adding up to more money than your car is actually worth, it's time to call a vehicle removal service near you and have it towed away.

  2. Bad Fuel Mileage: If driving your car is becoming more expensive due to the frequency with which you have to refill on gas, it's time to have the vehicle removed from your property.

  3. Age & Inconvenience: If you've had your "trusty sidekick" since your college days but can't fit in car seats for your grandchildren, it's best to have Auto Scrap tow your buddy off to that great, big, Parking Lot in the Sky.

Auto Scrap: The Most Reliable Vehicle Removal Service Near Me

Once you've decided to get rid of your scrap car, finding a reliable and trustworthy vehicle removal service near you that can remove your car quickly and efficiently is your next priority. Auto Scrap prides itself on its professional and streamlined approach to scrap car removal and will have that four-wheel eyesore off your property in no time.

Once you've called our customer service representatives and have secured both a quote and a date for towing, you can go about clearing the area around your car. (Obviously, if you have boxes, tools, or other cars on or around your scrap car, it will take longer for our team to remove it, so it's best to clear as much as you can before they arrive).

vehicle removal service near me
vehicle removal service near me

Our team will arrive on the date and time specified and will remove your car in an hour or two, paying you, in cash, for your car. There's absolutely no place the Auto Scrap tow truck won't travel to whether it's a garage, backyard, driveway, or even a barn, Auto Scrap will remove your scrap car on the double!

Contact Auto Scrap today to remove your scrap car from your garage or driveway and reap the financial rewards!

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