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How to Sell My Car for Scrap

If you’ve finally decided to remove that dusty, old, non-functioning junk car from your garage or backyard, you may be wondering what the most expedient and profitable way to dispose of it is. Luckily, there are a few options open to you that are contingent on several factors, including the condition of your car, the expediency with which you want it removed, and the time and effort you’re willing to invest to do so. Certainly, the top three alternatives available are 1) selling it privately, 2) trading it in at the dealership, and 3) selling it for scrap. Let’s examine all three, and see why selling my car for scrap is a viable option.

Selling Privately

Putting your old clunker up for sale on Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace is definitely an option for you. However, unless your car is a classic or vintage model that will appeal to collectors and vehicle restoration enthusiasts, be prepared to have it sit in your garage for a long time. Moreover, prepping the cars for pictures, creating the ads, and meeting with potential buyers are all time-consuming, so if you’re looking to unload the car fast, selling privately may not be the best option for you.

Trade-In at the Dealership

Typically, trading in your old car at the dealership reduces the cost of your new car, albeit not substantively. Selling privately may fetch you a few hundred dollars more, but the ease and convenience of trading in the car at the dealership can’t be ignored. If you’re looking to buy a new car, settle on a decent price at the dealership, and want to get rid of your old car quickly, trading it in may be a good option.

Sell My Car For Scrap

If both getting rid of (and paying for) your car is a matter of expediency, then selling my car for scrap is your best option. Most junkyards and scrap buyers in Ontario will pay anywhere between $100-$600 dollars for your old jalopy (depending on its weight and condition) immediately on the day of pick-up.

The Legalities

It’s important to remember that Ontario law requires a legal and documented transfer of a vehicle’s title in any sale, therefore, having the vehicle portion of the Ontario Vehicle Ownership document is crucial. Of course, you can still sell your car without this, but you’ll need to buy a Used Vehicle Information Package (UVIP) at a Service Ontario location to fulfill the legal requirements of the sale. Best to find and have handy your vehicle’s title of ownership to streamline the sales process and avoid the hassle and extra time with procuring legal equivalents.

The Process

Once this is taken care of, simply call a reputable and trustworthy scrapping company like Auto Scrap. A quick interview, where the details of your car and its condition will be conducted to ascertain its value, will be conducted and a quote provided. Once you've accepted, you can book your pick-up date, free of charges and hidden fees.

Once the date is decided upon you can begin clearing out your car of valuables, keepsakes, and expensive parts and systems you may want to sell separately for more cash, like a stereo system, engine, or catalytic converter.

Once your car is picked up, you'll be paid in cash on the spot, in an efficient, easy, and profitable transaction!

“I want to sell my car for scrap,” you say? No problem! Contact Auto Scrap to book an appointment and pocket your well-deserved money today!

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