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Scrap Yard Laval | Auto Scrap

The Convenience of Having a Scrap Yard in Laval

There are many things the city of Montreal is famous for, like the bustling nightlife, internationally-renown festivals, and scores of deliciously diverse restaurants offering a variety of cuisines. When it comes to cars and finding a garage to service your automobile or a scrap yard to dispose of it, most Montrealers know the 3km stretch between St. Michel and Lacordaire on Industriel Boulevard is chock-full of places to choose from- but what if you live in Laval? Driving to Montreal from the bustling suburb seems impractical, especially if you're looking for a place to scrap your old car. If you're looking for a scrap yard in Laval that provides quick, reliable, and efficient service, look no further than Auto Scrap!

scrap yard laval

The Premier Scrap Yard in Laval

Conveniently located close to Autoroutes 440, 125, and 25 in eastern Laval, Auto Scrap services the immediate areas of Vimont, Duvernay, and Laval-des-Rapides. Additionally, being situated so close to several major arteries of the Quebec highway ensures that anyone in Laval (or Montreal for that matter) can easily visit our scrap yard. Once here, you can personally speak to one of our customer service representatives regarding the purchase of car parts or the removal of your scrap car from your premises. Auto Scrap prides itself on being the premier scrap yard in Laval, proudly servicing our Laval clients with courteous professionalism and our patented scrap car removal system. With Auto Scrap, moving your scrap car from the garage or driveway to our scrap yard in Laval has never been quicker, easier, or more profitable!

scrap yard laval for auto parts

The Auto Scrap Method

Once you've made the decision to get rid of your old and dilapidated clunker, simply pick up the phone and give Auto Scrap a call for a quick interview. Our customer service representative will ask you detailed questions about the condition of your car and offer you a quote. (It's a good idea to have your Certificate of Ownership handy, as well as proof of any major modifications, accidents, and repairs, to facilitate the interview and be assured of an accurate quote).

Should you accept the offer, our representative will schedule a date for our team to tow your car. Auto Scrap offers towing services to transport your two-ton paperweight from your premise to our scrap yard in Laval, free of charge. We even pay you, in cash, on the day of the towing- that's a system that can't be beaten!

If you’re looking for a scrap yard in Laval to finally get rid of your old and non-functioning car, contact Auto Scrap today!

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