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How to Scrap a Car in Ontario

Every automobile is subject to the wear and tear of the road, but those factors multiply tenfold in Ontario when you consider the adverse weather conditions of punishing winters and sweltering summers. If the cycle of seasons have taken their toll on your car and rendered it inoperable, it’s time to consider selling it for scrap. As a proudly Canadian company, Auto Scrap will be happy to walk every red-blooded Canadian through the steps of how to scrap a car in Ontario.

Step 1: Get the Vehicle Portion of Your Proof of Ownership

Selling any car in Ontario, even for scrap, will require the owner, by law, to submit the vehicle portion of the Ontario Vehicle Ownership document to the purchaser, so it’s best to find it as soon as you can. You must sign the section located on the left side of the O.V.O. and provide the name of the purchaser. Auto Scrap will then file the paperwork at Service Ontario, transferring ownership.

While you’re rifling through your paperwork, it’s best to find any proof of purchase from the dealership or receipts for any major repairs or modifications to your car, so you can relay that information to Auto Scrap’s representatives in the next step.

how to scrap a car in ontario toronto

Step 2: Call Auto Scrap

Once you have all your paperwork in order, the second step in how to scrap a car in Ontario is to give Auto Scrap a call. Vehicles of any make or model are eligible to be bought for scrap, and our representative will ask you a series of questions in a brief interview designed to ascertain the value of your car. Questions will include the model, make, and year your car was manufactured, as well as damages, repairs, or modifications your car has undergone. Once their questions are answered, our representative will provide you with a quote.

Once you accept our offer, Auto Scrap’s representative will work with you to schedule a pick-up date for your car.

Step 3: Clean Out Your Car

Once your pick-up date is scheduled, you can begin cleaning out your car of valuables and keepsakes. We’re not just talking fuzzy dice and loose change, but valuable things you can transplant to your next car or sell for more money, like sound systems, specialized spoilers or custom seat covers.

Also, it would be a good idea to clear the space around your car, so that Auto Scrap’s team has easy and unencumbered access to it. Auto Scrap will send a team to pick up your car free of charge, so it’s best to provide a clutter-free space for our team to work in. This will minimize the time spent on your premises, so you can get back to your work or leisure time.

The final step in how to get rid of a car in Ontario is to make sure you remove your license plate. This will require the use of a screwdriver, so make sure you have one handy. If not, you can always ask Auto Scrap to remove it, as long as you mention that to our representatives before they arrive. You can then return your old license plate to Service Ontario, along with the Permit Section of your vehicle ownership.

Step 4: How to Get Rid of a car in Ontario and Reap the Rewards

Once your car has been removed, Auto Scrap will pay you, in cash, on the same day your pick-up is scheduled.

For a minimal amount of time and effort on your part, Auto Scrap is more than happy to remove your scrap car for you, safely and conveniently.

Contact us today to schedule your pick-up and reap the cash benefits!

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