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Auto Recycling: A Vital Practice

One doesn’t have to rely on the increasingly dire UN climate reports to realize that our planet is in serious jeopardy. The increasing temperatures, sea levels, and frequency with which extreme weather events are happening are clear indications that action needs to be taken now to secure a future for our children and grandchildren.

As a leading culprit in the current environmental crisis, the automotive industry has had to introduce reforms to its business model to respond to public demands and government regulations designed to ensure a greener future. These reforms extend as far as to the end-life of a car, in the form of auto recycling.

Create More Space

Cars do not magically disappear at the end of their life cycle. Traditionally, they have been shipped off to landfills to gather dustau and rust, and occupy much-needed space. Even crushed and compacted, a car measures about 6 inches tall and 5 meters long- that may not seem like much, but when you factor in the sheer volume of cars reaching the end of their lives on a daily basis, it adds up to more space being occupied by useless things. By engaging in auto recycling, valuable parts and materials are reused for working automobiles, taking up less space in landfills and freeing it for use in other domains.

Reuse, and Save Resources

Selling your car for scrap opens up a window of opportunity to “go green,” as many of the parts and materials can be used to make other items. A car is mostly steel, which can be recycled into anything from farm equipment to household appliances. Even rubber tires can be salvaged to form the base for sidewalks on new streets, and the glass from windshields can be used to make everything from bottles and vases to mosaics and countertops. Reusing these materials from scrap cars helps minimize the resources needed for mining and manufacturing, and streamlines the entire production process across multiple industrial sectors.

auto recycling is good for the ecosystem

Auto Recycling: A Profitable Business

As more consumers become environmentally conscious and demand green products, both industries and governments have had to adapt. For both buyers and sellers in the automotive industry, engaging in auto recycling has been a profitable endeavor.

Selling a scrap car for valuable parts such as functioning engines or catalytic converters, or selling it whole for materials such as steel, rubber and glass, can provide car owners with hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Vendors, in turn, can resell those parts and materials and turn a hefty profit, creating a viable business model based on environmentally friendly policies.

For a simple and easy way to sell your scrap car in an environmentally conscious manner, contact Auto Scrap today. With one phone call, we’ll make you a tidy offer on your car, and pick it up, free of charge! You’ll sleep easier knowing you’ve gone green and having put some green in your pocket!

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